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Lego Technic Storage

I'd like to share my favourite Lego Technic storage system simply because it is extremely efficient, better than anything else I've seen or tried. And it doesn't hurt that it is also very cheap. However, the catch is that it is not readily available. Read on to hear the details.

When I started re-organizing my Lego pieces, I tried several storage methods: different types of tool and tackle boxes, drawer systems, etc. None of them didn't really meet my needs for a non-permanent system (I do all my Lego on the dining table) that nonetheless permitted a quick and organized deployment and cleanup as well as a having a reduced volume when stored. One day I found the bucket at the right (without any Lego in it!) in a street market in Amsterdam and I saw the light.

Made out of semitransparent plastic that allows visual piece identification, each bucket has a diameter of 19 cm, a height of 18 cm and contains 18 partitions with precisely the right size for most Lego Technic pieces, including motors, turntables and even the small battery boxes. Only 12-stud long axles, most beams, wheels, RCX and other bulky Lego elements are not fit for it, but then again, those elements simple don't fit in small compartments of any kind.

The buckets can be stacked in a very stable manner, and even then *all* the divisions are easily accessible. The tops come in bright colors to easily differentiate them. When closed, small notches keep the sections tightly tucked in. The plastic ages well (so far!). The way I see it, it is almost the perfect system for even those who have a permanent playing area.

There is a catch, however. When I first saw them in the market, I bought two for maybe 1.5 Euros a piece. Back home, I realized how practical they were and inmediately returned to the market stall to buy the remaining 6 left. I still go to that market in a very regular basis, yet the buckets have disappeared and the guy who sold them says he has no clue if he will ever get more.

Seeing how much I like them, you can understand this was a big disappointment because I could always use some more and perhaps introduce them to the Lego user community via Ebay or Bricklink. The buckets are made by Heidrun Europlastic, an Italian company with little web presence. I leave the matter to whoever wants to take it from here. It's well worth it.

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