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Lego Biped Links

Updated August 2002

(List has been re-sorted according to the number of different biped creations per author, in order to highlight the creators with larger portfolios and thus more time invested in the matter.)

I didn't realize there were so many working Lego biped robots out there, probably because many of them are tucked away in obscure corners of Japanese Lego Mindstorms websites. Since I am mostly into creating (copying, compiling, whatever) working Lego biped walkers, I've decided to put up a (growing) list of links to Lego Bipeds on the net.

Help out others by letting me know about links that are not on this list. Bipeds only, please.

Many of these sites are Japanese. You may want to use Altavista Transalation to be able to read them in English.

Non Lego Bipeds Link Pages

  • The Walking Machine Catalogue Register your walking machine (Lego or non-Lego) in this definite guide.
  • Iguana Robotics' The World of Biomorphic Robots
  • Bipeds of the World Database

  • Technic Puppy
  • Nagata / Microscout / DDK Biped (Microscout, instructions, Kevin L. Clague has added a differential to this design and a second one)
  • Hammerhead (mono-engine, COG-shifting, instructions , video )

    Joe Nagata

  • New Joe's new video room
  • K013 -Walker 1 (Mono engine)
  • K014 - Walker 2 (Carries RCX)
  • K015 - Walker 3 (Turns!)
  • K026 - Humanoid Robot (2 motors placed at ankle-level)
  • K057 - Micro Walker 2 (Scout + Micromotor)
  • K058 - Micro Walker 3 (Scout + Micromotor)
  • K060 - Phoenix (RDS pieces only)
  • K064 - Moon Walker (DDK pieces only)
  • K071 - Mindroid (Biped with arms and legs)
  • k077 - Balancer C1 (RCX, shifts COG at ankle-level, turns)
  • k078 - Balancer C2 (Evolution of the above design. Once again Joe gracefully solves several issues in one minimalistic design, creating an instant classic)
  • New K079 - Balancer B1 (RCX, Shifts COG at ankle-level through the use of a second motor(?) Pretty slick due to small piece coun)
  • New K080 - Balancer A1 (RCX, shifts COG at ankle-level through a new emchanical setup worth checking out, small piece count)
  • No Starch Press Joe Nagata's LEGO MINDSTORMS Idea Book Walker (RCX, fiber optics, light sensor - Online instructions )

    Kevin L. Clague

  • Robo-Hominid (RCX, COG-shifting, turns)
  • AT-ST Mark I (RCX, COG-shifting, turns, very cool, check out the video)
  • Lego Maniac! (RCX, COG-shifting, turns, sensors, behaviour, nice)
  • Pneuma-Ped (4-cylinder pneumatic biped walker)
  • CAN Clague-Agullo-Nagata biped walker (Apart from being completely flattered, the idea of adding a differential to the Nagata/Agullo walker is actually very smart)
  • FastForward - Differential Stepper (The above idea of adding a differential toa Nagata-style bot, further developed)
  • New Go-Rilla (Made out of pieces of the DSDK kit only, and developed for a book by Syngress; this is a fast, "angular momentum shifter")


  • Opus A015 - Demi-God of Pure White (Microscout, mono engine yet changes COG at the ankle, video)
  • Opus A018 - Reformed Demi-God of Pure White (Same as above plus knees, video)
  • Opus A008 - Two foot walking machine - Chicken (Unique approach - it shifts the COG but does not power the legs, video)
  • Opus B012 - Rear end inclination to shake (Same as above but smaller, video)
  • Opus B008 - Mini- series - two foot walking (Small, similar to Komi's Walking Machine ver. 1 - see next author below -, but does not carry own power, video)
  • New Opus A019 - Dragon God (Microscout - a nice evolution of A015 and A018))

    Max Pihlström

  • Biped Robot (Ankle-bending 2 motor robot that carries RCX, intriguing) - Lego Mindstorms gallery listing: Gefis' biped robot
  • BipED (Very small, very fast) - Lego Mindstorms gallery listing: Gefis' bipED
  • Sak (Intriguing robot that carries RCX and turns) - Lego Mindstorms gallery listing: Gefis' bipEDD
  • Sak 2 (Intriguing robot that carries RCX with motors on the legs, COG shifter)
  • New Bipedd (Max continues to fine-tune his biped designs to make them faster!)

    Counter-Clockwise Robot Laboratory

  • Kobito (Small, micromotor-powered)
  • AT-MT (All terrain Micro Transport) (Micromotor-powered, based on Joe Nagata's overlapping footprint designs)
  • Tiger 1 (Micromotor-powered)
  • Microsaur (Micromotor-powered, COG-shifting)

    Jin Sato

  • MTR-017 (Short legs, RCX, COG-shifting)
  • MTR-023 (RCX, COG-shifting)
  • MTR-024 (RCX, COG-shifting, instructions )

    Brian Sadowski

  • Brickshelf-hosted pictures of various bipeds (Brian is inarguably one of the best "new wave" Lego Technic designers)

    Kenta Inoue

  • KW006 (RCX, COG-shifting)
  • KW008 (*H*U*G*E*, incomplete?)


  • NPW (small, powered by Lego rubber bands)
  • Jairo (RCX, incomplete?)

    Kazuhiro Umeda

  • Biped 1 (RCX,Changes COG via ankle motors, knees, a classic with very elegant design)


  • Walking Machine ver. 1 (Micromotor, one of the smallest battery-carrying machines, simply beautiful) Note: This one was listed previously as "Duo". I changed it at Komi's request

    JP Brown

  • Biped_II . (RCX, lots of motors, sensors and flexible axles, turns, non COG-shifting, very nice) Previously listed as Envcons' Biped II

    Mario Ferrari

  • S-6 (RCX, COG-shifting)

    Costan Boiangiu

  • Legobot (103 pieces, interesting approach to ankle-level COG-shifting , monomotor, video)

    Philo and Hiroki Shirakawa

  • Gonsuke and Medama-no-oyaji (Tiny!)


  • Dachon (Scout)

    Maido Storms

  • 2soku (COG-shifting, RCX)

    Tom Newsom

  • Pneumatic walker (COG-shifting, incomplete)

    Dave Lei

  • ET-2 (RCX, turns)


  • SW-I and SW-II (RCX)

    Rob's Lego Page

  • Bipedal Ambulator (Pneumatic)

    Tobbe Arnesson (LoTek)

  • Stampe (Fast)

    Harper Reed

  • Bipeddler (RCX, COG-shifting not using the RCX as weight)

    Svein Erling Lode

  • Walking "Bird" Robot (Mono-engine - carries its own battery box)


  • Biped 1.0 (RCX, shifts COG, author's comments on other bots a bit misguided, as this list shows)

    James Motley

  • New L-Rex (RCX, COG shifting, 3 motor, 2 touch sensors, a very nice model)


  • New Bigped (RCX-carrying version of Hammerhead, nice)


  • New Rex Walker, Mark 1 (RCX, COG shifting, video)

    Lego Book 8891

  • Two-Legged robot ( Brickshelf scans)

    Lego Mindstorms Website

  • Explorer1's SpOC-Bot (RCX, turns?)
  • Gephis' Ambulator (Hammerhead-like ankle movement with 2 motors and an RCX - nqc program)
  • Weps' AirBiped (RCX, Penumatic, COG-shifting)
  • ThMan's Mini ambulator (Very similar to Medama-no-oyaji)
  • ThMan's Mini ambulator 2 (Small)
  • lad's 10 minutes (Small, "name says it all")
  • lad's AT AT (Uses 2 old motors as weight)
  • Robot11's Terminator bot (if it does half the things it says it does, very cool)
  • betcmrekoapl's 2 legged walker (RCX, turns)
  • RipMaster's 2legs walker AT-ST (RCX, turns)
  • Z-botics' Tyrannosaurus RCX (Not sure if it is a real biped. Uses tail and head to counterbalance)
  • GSpark1's A biped (RCX, turns)
  • kegreen's Lego Castle Twilight Zone Eddy (RCX)
  • Killdozer's Biped 3.4 (RCX, nice)
  • Cowmaster's Bob (RCX)
  • Mau's Freakenstein (RCX)
  • mrg55's Frog ("Sliding" motion)
  • banj12's George (RCX, "Sliding" motion)
  • Geobot's crossgab (RCX, spans 30 cm with each step)
  • Storm kid's Heavy Gear (RCX)
  • Watto's Mental Bob MK1 and MK2 (RCX)
  • Mr. Future's Mini Walker (RCX, small)
  • barney99's Mad Chicken (RCX)
  • GameCubeMasta's Mini Walker
  • Mahni's Mr. Walker (RCX, weird foot action)
  • nevetsmcd's Patriot II (RCX, Mecha-like)
  • Zhangi's SuperBiped (RCX, fairly tall)
  • boovey's robbie (RCX, does it walk?)
  • CyberRick's Testbed #1 (RCX, Mecha-like)
  • Koh's robo-chan 1gou
  • ACyLum 's Robo Biped (Uses shock-absorbers)
  • sciencestefan's WalkBot (with hands) (RCX, very blurry pic)
  • SPE672's Two-Legged Walker (RCX, large & complex, home-brew sensors)
  • JustinH14's Two legs? (RCX, wide)
  • magnarn 's Walker (RCX, sliding)
  • Moteur's walker of two legs (RCX, blurry pic, no info)
  • MRO2's Walker 1a (RCX, modification of Jin Sato's design)
  • Joeyke's Walky bot (RCX, sliding?)
  • Nickle5's WD Walker (RCX)
  • Simone485700's Biped (RCX, based on Jin Sato's but improved, nice)
  • Wep's Air Walker (RCX, Pneumatic, Cog-Shifting, uncommon design) *Thanks, JP*
  • pauljr1's Cart-Wheeler (Cartwheels on 2 legs)
  • Xatu03's 1st Biped (RCX, Nagata-style)
  • LegoBrain86's Baby Robo-Rex (I'm not 100% sure if its tail touches the ground, otherwise a nice build)
  • Nova7's Cybertoad (Jumps on 2 legs)
  • Legoboy99's Easy to Build Biped (RCX)
  • Toru173's Heavy Walker (RCX, turns)
  • Izquierdo's Robobolo (RCX)
  • RobBot2001's Shrimpy the Antbot 2 (Very small)
  • Drew5's The Giant (Not so big, turns)
  • DarkIvN's U2LW (Non-conventional, RCX)
  • ErneStorms' Machine-gun walker (COG-shifting, monoengine)
  • Toru173's Heavy Walker (RCX, 4 motors, turns)
  • VaibhavGhadiok's Walker (Non-COG, crappy pic and no info)
  • Stormkid's HeavyGear (Nagata-style, simple & clean)
  • Rob Bot's Shrimpy the Antbot 2
  • Abevans' Weight Shift BiPed (An early hip-level COG shifting design)
  • CYBOROBOrcx's Humanoid-MK-1.0 (Large, interesting)
  • ChrisFaulkner's Biped (RCX, simple, nice)
  • dude494's OCTAPOD WALKER (Despite the name, a simple Nagata-style biped)
  • Roboman80's Walker 1 (Needs work)
  • Toboter's Bug (Tiny biped, similar to Max Pihlström'sBiped 1)
  • New Cid_Keshan's Offset and 2 Legged Mech (Standard Nagata style walkers)
  • New RichardStevens' C.Y.B.O.R.G WALKER 1 (Crappy pic, cannot see much. Seems liek a nice design)
  • New RichardStevens' C.Y.B.O.R.G WALKER 2 (Crappy pic, cannot see much. Seems like a nice design: RCX plus pneumatics - someone get the man a camera!)
  • New CMizia's Super bug (Nice for a first try)
  • New RussDude87's Biped (RCX, shifts COG)
  • New Seriousdamage's Smooth Motion Walker (RCX, shifts COG, slow, has eyes ...)
  • New marie55's Twolegged human walking robot (RCX, shifts COG, crouches, fairly large, good pics. Do not miss this creation - it's very inspiring)
  • New Kneras' Yellow Duck (A biped yellow duck)
  • New michaelzhorus' Projekt1 (Remote controled, solid-looking biped)
  • New Jazaea43' Walker (a steady, good-looking biped - based on Jin Sato's one?)
  • New Kojima's TinyWalker (Not so tiny - carries RCX, nice)
  • New bobtheking2's 2 leg walker (Nagata-style, with RCX)

  • Do you like it?

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